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Pop Art Live Wallpaper is a cool and clean wallpaper with an interactive element, touch your screen to see how lively colors interact with one another! Pop Art live wallpaper uses a grid of squares that react with the users touch by repelling or attracting each other, supports multitouch and has a unique mixing effect as well.

Beautiful crisp colors, this wallpaper is drawn for each device in particular so it will have the max resolution of your screen making it look as good as your screen can display it.

With several different presets and a wide variety of options the user can tweak this wallpaper to his liking making it practically infinitely customizable and unique to each person.

Has option to change colors with battery level to give an ever changing feel to your phone.

Very low impact on battery, we use a very efficient system to draw the area the user touches only when it is being touched so the wallpaper will spend no battery at all when the user is not interacting with it, and will use very little battery when interacted with.

Caution: very bright and moving colors!

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