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Add free version of the King James Bible with keyword search. Including voice input/output capabilities (Verse/Search lookup, and Chapter/Verse Reading). Also, provides Young's Literal Translation and Matthew Henry Commentary (split Parallel views). Verse or search results can be shared to other apps.

Some basic User Interface tweaking is also included: Font and Style selections and Nite-Mode support. Can limit the number of verses returned from search for quicker processing. When selecting the Chapter from the main launch view, the testament of that chapter and selected Bible translation is used for read or search commands.

To search both old and new testament the app makes you select them independently to perform the search. This requires less processing time. However, on older devices you may still experience slow processing times when doing searches in the old testament (due to memory/size constraints). To help speed this up, in the Configure view lower the Maximum number of search results returned to less than 25 (verses) to limit the number..

For Android version 5 (Lollipop) and above added basic Verse and Topic Management via the Bookmarks action icon in the front-end app (some example topics/verses are provided). You can create new Bookmarks in the Reader view when you long press and drag on a single verse text (to highlight it) then click on the 'add bookmark' icon (in the upper right) to add the verse to a new or existing Topic. You do not need to select the entire verse text, it will match the text and find it when several unique words are selected from that chapter. You can also delete Topics and verses from the main app Bookmarks action icon view. As well as export a text file containing the verses from each Topic.

Note: Text-to-Speech (TTS) uses the native Android capabilities. Playback can use Google voice or your custom voice settings. If TTS support is not found on first launch of the read chapter view the app will direct you to install TTS support from the Google play store.

* King James, Young's Literal Translation (XML BIBLE), and Matthew Henry Commentary (HTML) texts are available in the public domain.

* Help for voice input commands is available in the Listen Activity view by pressing the 'Help' button.

Here are the Basic commands supported:

Read Voice Commands - any verses from entire Bible..
"Bible read book chapter X verse Y" - reads verse Y in chapter X from book
"Bible read book chapter X" - reads chapter X from book

"Bible read Matthew chapter 6 verse 33" - reads verse Matthew 6:33

Search Voice Commands - any verses from current Testament..
"Bible search word1" - searches Bible for verses that contain word1
"Bible search word1 and word2" - searches Bible for verses that contain word1 AND word2
"Bible search word1 or word2" - searches Bible for verses that contain word1 OR word2

"Bible search heaven and grace" - returns all verses that contain words heaven and grace from the current Testament.

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