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This app lets the Warframe player choose the game platform ( PS4 / XBOX1 / PC ) and select from over 80 resource items to be used as search filters from the current items rewarded in Events, Alerts, Invasions, and Plains of Eidolon reward pools (Bounties, Ghoul Purge, and Plague Star). These items change often in Warframe and you may lose out if you are not playing 7x24.

When the Service is enabled the app will periodically grab results from the Digital Extremes Warframe stats server for analysis. If a match is found the app can Notify you in several ways: ring an audible alarm, send Standard Android Notifications, or vibrate the device and flash the LEDs. This lets you know its time to play the game.. if you can do so within the expiration period given for each reward you will have a chance to win the desired resources. The Service on your device that grabs the data can be enabled or disabled from the main view in app.

Settings are saved in the app preferences for easy recall of your selections. The remaining reward availability times, planet locations, factions, and enemy levels are identified in the results provided.

Added a checkbox in the configuration view for enabling Cetus Cycle time Notification alarms. This will inform you by a unique alarm for each that it has just turned day or night on Cetus.

Added Void Trader (Baro Ki'Teer) bi-weekly inventory and Darvo Daily Deals to list of items that can be searched by filters.

* No personal game network login information is required to use the app or service.
* The available in game rewards are there only if you play the game before the reward expiration periods and win them, the app itself provides no rewards.
* Reward Pool items are random chance, and as such are hit-and-miss.
* Void Trader and Darvo Daily Deals inventory items must be purchased from those characters using in-game currency (ducats+credits, or platinum).
* Thanks goes to the Warframe Community Developers for providing the underlying data feeds for each platform.

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