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About NW Publisher

New World Publisher (NW Publisher) allows publishers to view upcoming Christian Life & Ministry meeting parts, Public Talk assignments, Reserve Public Witnessing carts, Duties, Congregation Events & Information Board. Publishers can also see upcoming Life and Ministry meeting, Weekend meeting and Field Service schedules, as well as submit their Field Service Reports to their local congregation.

Receive reminders and notifications for new and upcoming assignments, duties and announcements.

*** PLEASE NOTE: This App is designed to be used together with New World Scheduler (NW Scheduler) which can be downloaded from www.nwscheduler.com. If your congregation is not using New World Scheduler, you will not be able to use this App. ***

View all upcoming Midweek Meeting parts, including Life and Ministry teaching parts, student & assistant assignments, reading and prayers.

View Weekend Meeting assignments such as Local Public Talks, Away Public Talks, Chairman, Watchtower Reader and Hospitality.

View all upcoming such as Attendant, Security, Sound, Platform, Microphones, Kingdom Hall Cleaning, Garden Care and more. Publishers can also submit their Field Service Reports to the congregation.

See upcoming Events such as the Circuit Overseer’s visit, Circuit or District Assemblies, Special Talks, the Memorial, Kingdom Hall Maintenance Days, etc. Publishers can also see any recent Announcements from the body of elders.

See your congregation's upcoming Life and Ministry meeting, Weekend meeting and Field Service schedules.

Submit your Field Service Report directly to your congregation via the App.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT an official App of Jehovah’s Witnesses and does not replace any official App. This App does not contain any misleading information, does not contain any ‘spiritual food’ and does not gather any personal data from users. All data inside this App comes from your local congregation elders only.

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