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About Ka Ho Proxy

Ka Ho Proxy is an excellent VPN proxy master

What is VPN?
Virtual private network. For purpose of security, data need transport in a encryption tunnel.

Why use VPN?
When you traveling, working or studying aboard, you need a VPN service to hide your real location or IP.

Unlimited Bandwidth & Unlimited Traffic
Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited traffic, unlimited time, please enjoy now.
No credit card required, no payment, we promise free forever.
Without any registration, just single tap, enjoy vpn service immediately.
Easy to use, one-touch to connect to VPN proxy server.
We will never limited your traffic, WiFi, mobile data, surfing without worry about exceed traffic.

Secure your Connection
All network traffic (UDP / TCP) is encrypted by IPSec(IKEv2) when Super VPN is running.
We use much obfuscation and encryption method to protect your every connection.

Protect Privacy, Stay Anonymous online & Security
Use of our VPN service can avoid your IP exposure.
Super VPN can protect your network traffic under the WiFi hotspot anonymous browsing, without tracking.
Anonymous browsing, truly privacy protect.

unique features (our strengths)
Unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited traffic, Unlimited connection time
No registration required, no login, no email or password required.
Fast, will connect to the fastest and most nearest VPN proxy server.
Anonymous no log, no DNS leak, protect privacy.

Our email address:zhouy8228@gmail.com

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