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About King of Driving

Welcome to King of Driving, one of the most realistic and best looking game on a mobile platform. KoD combines some advanced and unique driving and drifting features such as realistic physics, traction controls, real world car data, changing transmission type, first person perspective (FPP) and third person perspective (TPP) and many many more. Download and try it now.

The game lets you freely roam the map on foot or by car. If you wanted to come out of your car and enjoy the game, you can freely do so. You are not glued to your seat


A huge open world map that is designed in a way to enjoy a great driving experience. Grab your favourite sport car and experience the thrill of their speed.


Play with your friends or random people all over the world. The game is alot more fun when playing with others.


Every single car has its on own physics attribution. No 2 car is the same in KoD. This makes the game one of the best game on the market to feature such advanced physics simulation that is mainly found on PC and Consoles games!


KoD is amongst the best games to feature realistic and shocking graphics. As soon as you enter the game, you will be greeted with a vibrant world, incredible graphics on the cars, the awesome textures and materials used through out the entire game world objects and alot more ...


You will find amazing looking racing cars, off road cars, drifting cars, 4WD cars and alot more. Pick you favourite car and blast through the vast open world map

DOWNLOAD NOW and enjoy one of the best game on the market. See you in the game, Driver ...