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About Kredi Notu

With practice you can calculate an estimate of your free credit note. Please note that the unification of the formulas used in calculating your credit score is the practice of credit notes prepared this application may be at most 5% difference between your actual credit rating. Learning has never been so easy credit rating at all.

Banks, your credit rating is updated monthly. In this embodiment, the calculation of your credit rating, your instant notes given by you with current values ​​are calculated. Now the credit score free learning possible.

1000+ made less than 5% difference between the comparison of the actual data detected.

Now, our credit application "blog" section in credit, banking, finance, and you can have more detailed information on issues related to credit .. You will also receive instant notification about the loan and credit card campaigns banks.

This application (program) credit rating is not questioning process is to make computation. To find out your actual credit rating, which is binding on the banks Findeks (CCB), you can charge through the process of questioning. Findeks or CCB with brands known as the Credit Bureau and calculations of this application there is no relationship. The data we provide to you, we have developed within the algorithm is lArA dayan estimated data, but has a high accuracy.

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