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Big Font - Change Font Size

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About Big Font - Change Font Size

Do you feel the current font on your phone is too small ?
Want to scale font size as large or customize it ?

Big Font is a produced to help all people in the world to read text and number more clearly and rapidly on Android Phone.

Big Font is a simple tool to help you change system font size and Display exact increased percentage of font after selection. And Also you can Reset default font size (100%) by one touch !

Using Big Font - Up Font Size will help you:
✔ Increase system font size on mobile/tablets
✔ Read easier

Feature :-
* Easy to change default font size with smaller or bigger.
* Easy to turns your device into a magnifying glass.
* Scale system font size from 50% to 350%.
* customized the font size scale value.
* One tap to change default font size.
* One tap to set by default font size, Restores default font size with only one touch.
* Easy to read text or web surfing news daily.
* Very useful who have difficulties in reading small text.

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Our app can use the Accessibility Services API to help users fetch text from any app and display it in a larger font size on the screen.
The app neither collects your personal data nor violates your privacy.

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