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About Find The Differences Game

Find the differences between two cartoon pictures. Enjoy the ideal free game up to 500 levels. Boost your observation skills. Investigate the differences between the two pictures. Find the differences helps you to exercise your brain by helping you to spot the differences in your favourite pastime. Find the differences levels will present you with interesting and cute cartoon images, your kid will enjoy playing. Find the differences also offers hints which can help you if you are unable to spot all the differences.

Some advantages of playing Spot the differences game:

When you spot the differences between both images, you exercise your occipital lobe, which is the visual processing centre in your brain.

● When you analyse the spatial relationship between the images, you exercise your occipital lobe and parietal lobe, which are responsible for integrating censory information.

● When you need to mark down the locations where you saw the differences, you exercise your frontal lobe, which is linked to your capability of planning, paying attention and movement.

Thus, you can improve the three major areas of your brain by playing this simple game. To constantly take in those advantages, you are requested to play the game 'find the differences' from time to time and climb the level of difficulty gradually.

Key features:

● Suitable for both adults and kids.
● Up to 500 interesting levels with different difficulties.
● Use hints if you are unable to find all the differences.
● No time limit
● It is fun and relaxing
● Your internet pack had expired? No problem, the game also can be enjoyed mostly offline.

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So, are you ready? Let’s find out the differences.

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