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Move the Jellies up, down and all around in the new 2048 puzzle game sensation LINE CHACHA!
Just another puzzle game? Something to kill the time? If that's what you're after, then you've come to the wrong game! Come and explore the vast and fascinating world of Wonderland and puzzle your way through a veritable bounty of thrilling stages!

- Story -
Evil Bosses are invading Wonderland!
Join Coco in her quest to save this mysterious world of candy and sweets from those who are doing their best to destroy it!

- Game Overview -
Move Jellies up, down, left, and right! It's as easy as that!
Clear all kinds of stage missions, just by matching Jellies with the same number!
Enjoy playing with adorable characters inspired by children's fairy tales and taking part in additive events, accompanied by uplifting and fun music!
Don't keep it all to yourself! Let your friends know every time you complete a stage or level up in order to bring them into your Wonderland!

- How to Play -
Slide the screen with your finger to see all the number Jellies move simultaneously!
Jellies' numbers increase every time they bump into another Jelly with the same number!
Avoid the obstacles you find on your way and use your brains to find the best way to clear each stage!

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