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Easy Image Crop -Trim/Cut Pic-

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This is a trimming application anybody can cut(trim) easily the photo and the picture .
After trimming, it can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Tango, Viber, kik, LINE, kakao, WeChat directly.

#Cut into rectangle
You can cut in any size by the expansion and contraction of the cut frame or the image.
You can cut in any size by specifying the pixel size.
#Cut into square
You can cut by moving the cut frame of square or scaling the image.
It is very convenient when you post the photo by sharing app such as instagram.
#Rotate of the image
You can rotate the cut image to the left or right.
#Thema choice
You can select your favorite design from Cute or Cool design pattern.

How to use
1)Launch the application
2)Press the "Gallary" button and select picture
3)Select the scope you want to cut out(trim)
4)Press "OK" button
5)You can share it through WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook etc. with your friends or rotate it.

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