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Application to navigate on the earth with photos.

An application which enables us to choose freely a place and a date from our backyard to the other end of the globe and to enjoy photos contributed by people around the world. You can also transmit your views or thoughts to people from any part of the world by sharing photos taken by yourself.
It looks like bulletin board photo of Twitter and users will make up one album together.

You can move freely to different part of the earth and catch a glimpse of various cosmopolitan scene through posted photo.
By going back to the past as if stepping into a time machine, you can take in changing landscapes of a same place in each season and weather.
You can enjoy it in your own way from ‘scene around you such as a place you go through everyday, a town you lived once, resort place information of congestion and best time to visit, etc.’ to ‘a popular place you want to go, a historic moment or a moment of miracle, a festival or a event in the world’.
Wonderful and unknown nature, buildings, people, cooking, fashion, culture.. You must have a lot of new discoveries and emotions in them.

You can convey photos of your town, of places you traveled and of your favourite landscapes and events to the people of the world.
A familiar landscape for you must be fresh and interesting for people from other regions and countries.
A photo you contributed may give emotion and amazement to people all over the world.
Let’s tell how you feel to the entire world!

"CRUISE" is a new style of sharing photos.
We aim to make, share one album with the aid of people in the world so as to record and preserve culture, life, events of this wonderful Earth.

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