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"Kiss" is the simplest application to share the photos among friends.
In addition, the other party can receive the original picture of the high-precision data, not low-precision data like on SMS.

How do you share your photos with your friends?

When feature phones were used, many of you attached them to the email and sent them to individual addresses.

In the time of smartphones, the popular way is to post them on SNS for share or to send by a messenger.

However, there is a time lag in SNS and what is worse, you have to visit it by yourself. As time passes, the photo will be gone somewhere in the time line.

Messenger is not useful when you send the photos by it to other people than the usual members.
And then make a new App, do the user's registration and choose the person you want to share photos with...don't you think these things bothersome?

With "Kiss", the person who wants to send the photo only uploads it.
The receiver have only to start App to see and download it.

Have you had an experience where someone said to you, "I'll send this photo later" but you couldn't get the photo?
"Kiss" allows you to get the photo then and there, so you will not have such troubles.

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