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“Screenshot PRO!” is a multiple functions application for users who have many occasions to take screenshot (screen capture, screen memo).
After taking screenshot, this app comes back automatically and allows users to share or edit directly.
As the status bar (the bar on the top part of the screen) will be replaced automatically, the private information(screenshot time and present active applications) doesn't show off.

1. Customize the upper status bar
1)original type
2)dummy type(fake time, battery, etc.)
3)free text type(title or message etc.)
4)delete status bar
5)add the customized status bar on the top
6)select background color

2. Delete the navigation bar

3. Edit the screenshot image
1)Change the image size
2)Change the file format(PNG/JPEG)
#Cut into rectangle
You can cut in any size by the expansion and contraction of the cut frame or the image.
You can cut in any size by specifying the pixel size.
#Cut into square
You can cut by moving the cut frame of square or scaling the image.
4)Rotate of the image

4. Share the screenshot image
You can share it through Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Tango, Viber, kik, LINE, kakao, WeChat etc..

5. Others
1)Pop-up automatically after taking screenshot(ON/OFF).
2)Select(Create) the folder to save the screenshot image.

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