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Use Trustly to gethired at your next job! Trustly is a mobile job searching app that uses acompany’s internal referrals to help give you that extra edge for jobopportunities and openings. Trustly is differentfrom all other job searching apps out there. We believe that employee referralsare a powerful way to get your first interview and and those employee referralsshould only be 2 degrees (anything past that you don’t know the person). We usethe power of internal referrals to help give you an edge to which ever jobopportunity or opening you want to apply for. Youcan also apply for jobs opportunities directly on Trustly. You are able tocreate your own digital profile that acts like your cover letter and resume andopen up a chat line directly with recruiters and hiring managers and applydirectly that way. This way there is no uncertainty and recruiters and hiringmanagers will always get back to you. Download this app todayand lets create a world where applying for a job shouldn’t have to be a shot inthe dark.

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