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LINKTU - A popular social networking application in Southeast Asia, where more than ten million users are posting their pictures and meeting new friends!

LINKTU - A new definition to taking photos, combining your precious life moments into a photo story!

If photos can capture a moment that is gone forever, LINKTU can combine users’ photos with music, voice recordings and words into a photo story, turning these moments into their personal story.

More than ten million users are using LINKTU to share their travel adventures, food adventures, and selfies. Turning their wonderful moments into a photo story, to record down their life, share about their life and to discover new patterns of life!

Not only can users share photos of delicious food, share their selfies, they can also add friends, live chat to narrow down the distance between users!

With more than 10 types of filters together with voice recording as photo caption, it can definitely make photos more vivid and dramatic!

Automatically combines photos into photo stories, making photos more vivid and alive without the need to edit videos, upload or download, furthermore photo story’s flow is 80% faster than normal type of short film!

Original and creative timeline, photo story organization and timeline appearance will be a brand new user experience!

=== What can LINKTU Provide===

Immediate live chat experience -
When users discover a photo or another user that they are interested in, users can send a friend request to the user, once the user accepts the request, both of you will be able to chat live as friends. Users can also send locations, video chat and also send voice messages to their friends too!

Make photos livelier -
LINKTU is equipped with more than 30 types of camera filters, no matter funny, cute, art or non-mainstream, giving photos and videos a taste of fascination. After choosing the desired photo, users can record a short voice message as caption, or also write a few words to let other users to understand more about your photos. Photos and videos will become more convenient and fun through LINKTU.

Photo story -
Through coordinating photos with music, voice messages or some words to become a photo story, it can turn photos into a photo story, every second in the photo story will show what users see, every post will be telling your story, making sharing and browsing through photos a brand new experience for the users.

Highlights and hashtags -
Getting photos that are always more or less the same? Post it out! Let other users know how different the photo is as compared to the others! Users can browse through photo stories that made it into hot topics, search and subscribe to the hashtags and also find photos, photo stories that users might be interested in. The hot topic feature is convenient for users to find posts that are interesting, and also to let other users who have the similar interests to find photo stories easier. Communication, starts here, clearer and more vivid.

Timeline -
Original and creative timeline, photo story’s organization style and timeline appears as a new user experience. Let everyone witness your footprints!

Camera filters -
Yes, filters can be applied to not just photos, but videos as well! What’s more, users can test and change the filters while they are recording the video, resulting in videos a touch with beauty in it.

Huge database with travel attractions, restaurants, location for hotel -
When users browse through their friends’ pictures, location of where the photo was taken is sometimes one of the questions that other users might want to ask. LINKTU uses a huge database, where users can view different locations of different users, leaving a photo realistic record. Besides that, users can search and locate other users’ posts about interesting places or delicious food, helping you to discover new things in life!

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