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The Linkword Beginners Course: Level 1 teaches an extensive vocabulary and grammar

The Linkword method is up to 3 times faster than normal learning methods.

Learning Vocabulary works like this
The Italian for HAND is MANO (pronounced MANO).
Imagine MAN warming his HAND

The Linkword method is up to 3 times faster than normal learning methods.

* Linkword courses are ideal for travel, business and school work and are ideal as a backup for those attending evening classes
* Linkword Languages allows you to learn Italian far faster than you ever imagined possible. It is the fastest way to learning Italian
* In only 10-12 hours you should complete level 1 and have learned 350-400 words and basic grammar so you can speak Italian in many situations you will meet abroad
* Many published studies have shown this is up to 3 times faster than normal learning methods can do.
* Levels 2,3 and 4 take your learning Italian much further. By the end of the course you will have learned over 1200 words and all the major grammar for GCSE
* The average school student takes 4 years to learn 800-900 words!!
* Grammar is taught in simple step by step way and there are frequent sentence translations using the words and grammar you have learned.
* By the time you finish you will be able to read and understand the average newspaper article and speak Italian in a very wide range of situations you will meet abroad.
* Linkword Italian work really well for both good and poor language learners, including those who are dyslexic. Two Leading Dyslexic experts endorse Linkword for language learning.

Of course Italian language learning involves effort, but Linkword languages has published 8 studies showing that Italian beginners find Linkword courses are faster, easier and more enjoyable than any other method they have experienced

For a Free Demo and further information on course content, including Vocabulary topics, main grammar points and a list of words taught for the Linkword Complete Course. go to

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