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Oblivion of Ares: Epic Revenge

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▄【┻═┳一 Oblivion of Ares: Epic Revenge is a FREE-to-PLAY magical style strategy battle game. Choose your favorite race, deploy your units, power them up, and defeat your opponent in every death match.

∝╬▅▆▇◤ There's ancient land called Dagres, and ruled by divine forces. In this land, there were three alliances, including Terran, Dark and Nature. Every alliance owned their guardians to keep the peace among them. However, a secret race had risen, and broke the balance of three alliances. The clash of gods had begun... All in "Oblivion of Ares: Epic Revenge"!

Choose one of alliances (Terran, Dark, and Nature) to start to conquer new land. Complete as many as tasks you could to make gold coins. Hire more powerful heroes and master the balance of attack and defense. Fight with other alliances, and explore mystical items to power up your heroes.

➽Unique gameplay brings you kick-ass fun you never felt before.
➽Combinations of battle formations let you enjoy the fun of thinking.
➽ Finding the balance of attack and defense is the KEY to lead you to the grand victory
➽ Three magical races are waiting for you to join
➽ Four kinds of divine tasks are prepared to be challenged
➽ Massive battle world map will make your jaw drop.
➽ 112 specifically designed characters keep your every clash with fresh blood
➽ Adventure/Challenge Mode brings you distinctive challenges and joys
➽ Random event system explain the true meaning of "easy to learn, hard to master"

☸More splendid and mystical combats in "Oblivion of Ares: Epic Revenge" are waiting for you to explore by yourself

☻Please Note☻
➹We will continue our efforts to create strategy game series, your five-star feedback is the best inspiration and strongest power!
➹If you like this strategy game, please take a little time to write evaluation on Google Play!
➹ We will continue to update a free version for you to download!
➹Many thanks everyone for their support,suggestions and feedback of the game!

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