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*** Android 6 users: if you receive the “audio core not responding” error, check under Settings->Apps->linostrobe lite that the “microphone” resp. “record audio” permission is on! ***

Tune your guitar, uke, violin, … in fact any musical instrument with the speed, accuracy and comfort of true strobe tuning! Simply sound the note to be tuned; it will instantly be recognised and displayed prominently. The strobe ring around it shows through its rotation and color whether you're flat, sharp, or in tune.

Extremely accurate: in contrast to needle tuners that average out fluctuations, linostrobe faithfully reflects every nuance of your intonation.

Instantaneous response: if you've used Cleartune, gStrings or DaTuner before, you'll love the absence of delay here!

World-class automatic pitch recognition: reliable even for "difficult" (overtone-rich) instruments such as the mbira.

Supreme sensitivity and a clear display: you can even tune from across the room!

Note: Linostrobe requires an 800 MHz CPU or better to run well.

This is the free 'lite' version of linostrobe, which uses the same strobe technology as the full version but is ad-supported and uses the fixed reference pitch A₄ = 440 Hz. By contrast, the full version is ad-free and offers many adjustable settings.

Linostrobe requires the RECORD_AUDIO permission to access your phone's microphone. The audio is analyzed on the fly - none is actually recorded. The lite version requires a number of additional permissions to support advertising; please consider the full version if you want to avoid that.

Happy tuning!

- lino

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