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Mirror is a user-friendly language learning tool that gives a side-by-side readout of scripture text in two languages of your choosing. This version uses parts of the Book of Mormon as its text source; making it perfect for language and scripture study.

Choose from a number of customizable options including language, theme, and night mode. And with seven font size options, your readout is just the size you need for any of your Android devices!

Jump start your language study and learning skills by trying out Mirror. This trial includes only the first five chapters of the First Book of Nephi. Upgrade to the full version to get the full text in eight unique languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Tongan) and more theme colors to brighten up your reading.

Having all these options makes your language and scripture study a great experience! This app is great for language learning missionaries too! Those that want the challenge in reading the Book of Mormon in any of eight languages should purchase the full version.

- Four language options (full version has the full text in eight unique languages)
- Four color schemes (full version has twelve)
- Seven font sizes
- Quick and easy navigation
- Night mode, for easier reading

Note: All scriptural text comes from the Book of Mormon and the official LDS Church website. This app is intended only as an aid with studying the scriptures in multiple languages and to assist in the language learning process. Any errors are completely unintentional. For more information visit: http://www.Mormon.org and http://www.LDS.org

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