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Check your Eligius mining status with style! This app helps you keep tab on your bitcoin mining progress in the Eligius pool.

This app connects to the Eligius api to provide you with an overview of your current mining status. The latest exchange rate from Blockchain is used to provide you with current value against real world currencies.

The setup is dead simple; enter your preferred currency and wallet address. If you're lazy you can scan your wallet address with the built in barcode reader. Be up and running in under 10 seconds.

Am I Rich? is the perfect companion to KnCMiner's products. Easily track how much money your Jupiter is mining for you when you're not around.

But hey, why does it cost money? Well, my plan is to release the code open source under the MIT license within a short peiod of time. However, since both Apple and Google charge people money for putting apps in their stores, I would like to make that money back.

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