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LinuxCBT | UnixCBT | Linux | Unix | Open Source Training Droid App is a companion front-end to training via the site:

#General Description
Sans subscription, it is possible to peruse demos ad infinitum. Armed with a subscription (App provides $99 option for single-user/month, by default and additional subscription options are available online:, one may login and indulge, ad-hoc and ad infinitum, in the worlds of: Linux, Unix and Open Source training topics. These are the core topics powering Web 2.0 entities and legacy adoption of Linux and Open Source technologies.

#Typical Usage
Use to arm yourself with vital IT, Linux, Unix and Open Source Skills. These skills facilitate facile global mobility.

#Subscription Management
Manage your subscription and primary training usage via:, on a proper front-end, whilst using the Droid App merely as an on-the-go reference.

Use the Demos in this App to familiarize with our offerings. Subscribe, if applicable, via the App or via, then use App with valid credentials.

#Existing Customers
If you are an existing user, please download and login using valid credentials whilst out-and-about.

We will tweak and improve the App henceforth based on solid remittances.

Team LinuxCBT| UnixCBT

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