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This is the official Android App for the "LiCo - The New Linux Counter Project" (

Since Android is a real linux, all android devices must also be counted in the official linux counter!

As a member of the linux counter, you'll get an own profile page and each of your linux devices also gets an own information page with information about the hardware of these devices.
All information is generally secured and hidden to the public, but you are able to enable and show this information to the public by changing the options in your profile settings on

The Linux Counter is started as a "for fun" project to find out how many Linux users there are worldwide. The basic idea is for people to register themselves as being a Linux user. Of course, this way you won't get all Linux users counted as not every Linux user will register himself at the Linux Counter site. Thus, the only way to "know" the number of Linux users worldwide, is to make a guess, preferably a not-too-wild guess of the number of Linux users. In not making wild guesses, there is only one way to go: statistics. So, the main purpose of the Linux Counter is to deal with statistics on all kinds of numbers related to Linux usage. It started with statistics on the number of Linux users and it extended to statistics on Linux users, the machines they use, software they use and in what part of the world Linux users are actually living.

A second purpose of the Linux Counter is to make it possible for Linux users to find each other. The Linux Counter is reporting Linux users sorted per almost any place in the world. So, when Linux users want their information to be public, you can quite simply find those users who live in places near you.

As of 2011 the original Linux Counter has been superseded by a new and re-written version by Alexander Löhner, which has since been Slashdotted and which uses the old, original database of
The old counter on has redirected for some months to, but now it was shut down.

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