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With My Tracker you can save routes when you are running, cycling, driving, adventure...

- Track your activity, you can select only GPS, or add aGPS support.
- Add photos to Tracks! (Beta). The files will be saved on local storage.
- Choose your activity: Car, Motorcycle, Bike, Walking or Running.
- Maps by MapBox - OpenStreetMap. Now with 2 'Contour line' maps.
- Works completely without connection.
- Coordinates formats (UTM, Decimal and Degrees/Minutes/Seconds)
- Share your tracks.
- Export tracks to Google Maps and Google Earth (KML file).
- Track view with speed colored segments.
- Choose the frequency to track your location.
- Choose Km or Miles (Metric or Imperial)
- No Ads.

The tracks will be saved at device, but you can export a KML or share an image of your track.

GPS and aGPS tracker application.
Maps by OSM

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