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Color Brain!
In this fast paced, reaction game, you will be tested to see how fast each side of your brain can react! It has been scientifically shown that the left side of your brain usually reads the words whereas the right side of your brain usually looks at the word and analyzes its colors. In this game each side of your brain will be put to the test to see how fast your brains can think whether the word matches the color of the word!

How to Play!
In this game you will be given 1 second to make a decisions as to whether the word shown on the screen matches the color the word was typed in. You can select either the X meaning that they don't match or the checkmark meaning that they do match. Keep going until your brain farts or your pick the wrong one! If at any point you go over one second or you make the wrong decision, you will automatically lose! See how far you can get!

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