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Shifts organizer is a very simple and friendly app for shift managers that helps you to organize the shifts for your staff for the entire week, saving you a lot of time and bother.Useful in bars, restaurants and can be customized to any other workplaces which have shift planning.

How does it work ...
• Fill all the shifts that you need during the week.
• For each shift select shift type and worker type (e.g. Opening Barmen, Closing Waiter etc.. ).
• Manage your workers list. For each worker fill in when he or she is available.
• By pressing "Organize Shifts" the app automatically arranges workers for all the shifts that you defined.
• During this process the app prioritizes workers with less shifts and workers who are more available.

More features
• Send a detailed text message to a worker (or to all of them) describing when he or she is scheduled for work.
• Import worker details from your phone's contacts.
• Edit the shift types and the worker types using the 'Edit Lists' screen.
• Clear the shifts setting, the workers' availabilities or the workers list using the 'Clear Settings' screen.

Please feel free to comment and let me know of any question or suggestion you may have.

Enjoy the app :)

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