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Icarus is a game utilizing the accelerometer of your Android device to let you see how long you can suspend the phone in free fall. Just press "fly" and it will time any weightlessness it experiences. See your own high scores and how well you're doing in the global competition. Submit your best scores to the database, and look them up at the web page.

Be creative! You can secure the phone to your body and see how long YOU can be in free fall. How about a competition with your friends on a trampoline? Or you could send it up in a balloon in a shock resistant box (we do not recommend actually doing this, and remember that you do this at your own risk). And yes, if you bring your phone to space, you'll win.

This app was made during a weekend of hacking at Ninjadev's Ninjacon 12.2, and we hope you'll challenge your friends and have as much fun as we had making it.

We are not responsible for any damage caused while using this app. Please be careful with your phone, every Android device has feelings. Think about what you're doing before you defenestrate your phone to get a new high score. Maybe you have a blanket to wrap it in?

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