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Remember when you were just a kid and dinosaurs were just something you loved so much! Jurassic Bones Go BOOM is a kids game were you place bombs all over dinosaur bones, detonate them (BOOM!), watch the bones go flying all over the screen, then try to put them back were they are supposed to be.

This quick, simple, fun, puzzle piece game is just something you must try if you are interested in dinosaurs.

Features puzzles for:
1. Diplodocus
2. Parasaurolophus
3. Pterodactyl
4. Stegosaurus
5. Triceratops
6. Tyrannosaurus Rex

Jurassic Bones Go Boom is a great way to start a simple introductory lesson to educate kids about dinosaurs. And an excellent way to relive your childhood filled with Jurassic imagination.

Share this game to all your dino-loving friends! And if it becomes a hit, I will continue to update and add more Jurassic Bones to solve!

***Watch out***
This game contains ads that your kids might accidentally click on. Please guide your children while playing. But do not to worry, because a Deluxe version of the game will be available that is Ad FREE!

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