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Many High-end Android Devices have an inbuilt 4 GB RAM(4 Giga-Bytes of RAM), even though they hangs a lot. This is mainly due to poorly programmed installed apps & softwares.
Users finds their device becoming hot, even when its doing nothing, it keeps on getting hot & thats because of poorly programmed apps. Thus, they loose their battery life very quickly & phone’s operation speed becomes very very slow.

4 GB RAM Booster have a most proven memory management tool that makes full use of RAM(Random Access Memory) by assigning larger RAM VM Heap Size for its data & work. Many big apps need huge memory(VM Heap) for their work. If VM Heap size is smaller than the requested, the app Crashes by Out of Memory Error. This app avoids this situation by increasing RAM VM Heap size. Thus, it increases stability & performance automatically.

This app works perfectly for all android smartphones & tablets having RAM size of 4 GB, 3 GB, 2 GB, 1 GB or 512 MB.

4 GB RAM Booster App controls Processor’s Governor. Governor is a driver of regulation of CPU frequency. Governor decides when CPU should run in high frequency state & when in low frequency state. Our algorithm decides this very easily, whenever the system demands performance, the governor grants high frequency(high computing power) to the CPU, & whenever the phone is in idle or having very low battery it grants low frequency(low computing power) to save battery.

4 GB RAM Booster App have Automatic & manual hibernation system. This app automatically detects battery consuming apps and auto hibernates them to save power. You can also select the apps you want to hibernate manually from the home menu. We recommend to enable battery boost mode to hibernate battery consuming apps automatically.

Please note: Killing an app does not kills its background services. If you kill an app, it may restart its background services again. So, you should always hibernate them to completely stop all their services.

Main Features:
★ App Manager
★ Hibernate Apps
★ Boost Apps
★ Kill Apps
★ Restart Apps
★ Auto Speed Boost (Recommended Mode)
★ Auto Battery Boost (Recommended Mode)
★ Auto Stability Boost (Recommended Mode)

This app have auto backup system, it never damages your device.

Note: This app requires Root Access for proper functioning. If your android device is rooted please grant Superuser access to this app.

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