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King Booster Increases your phone speed, by making app launching faster. Now Enjoy Multitasking with your SuperFast Phone, it makes app switching even more faster. It reduces the loading time of heavy Games, Gives you a lag free (glitch free) gaming experience. It tests RAM, sets RAM VM Heap size & applies appropriate CPU governor to ensure Extreme Speed Boost.

King Booster also saves Battery Power. Enabling Extreme Battery Saving Mode improves poor battery life. Unlike other battery saving apps, this app uses most proven technique to save power. This app finds battery draining apps(also poorly programmed apps) installed in your device & auto hibernates them. By hibernating it completely stops all the background running services.

Extreme Stability mode is the most efficient way to manage Speed & Battery simultaneously. It automatically increases speed whenever your device demands performance and it saves battery whenever your device is free or in standby mode. Thus it increases your device standby time.

You can also Hibernate, Boost, Kill or Restart apps manually by selecting apps of your choice (Find these features in the Home Screen).

For Automatic Boosting you can only choose one Boost Mode at a time. You can either choose Speed Boost, Battery Boost or Stability Boost. User have to decide that which Boost mode is best for them. Just Activate it & Forget it, you will start noticing the difference. You can also verify the boosting effect by testing the benchmark Score from AnTuTu.

King Booster requires Root Access for proper functioning. If your device is rooted please grant Super User permission to this App.

King Booster have auto backup system, it never damages your device.

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