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A calculator and dice roller for table top games. Enter any combination of die and get the result instantly. It can be as simple as "1d4" and as complex as "(3d100 + 5d7) x 3d2". No need to add up all the numbers yourself. d20 Calculator is a useful tool for any RPG or tabletop game.

- Save your frequently used rolls with labels to help you identify which rolls belong to which attacks.
- "dx" button lets you roll any type of dice needed.. ever need a d7?
- Add, subtract, multiply, and divide any combination of dice.
- Dice roll sound effect so everyone know you're not cheating.
- 8 stylish themes available.

Use for tabletop games such as Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), Pathfinder RPG (PFRPG), Savage Worlds, GURPS and many more RPGs.

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