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Lip piercing is a type of body piercings. This practice piercings, lip or soft tissue made from the area around the lips.

Please note that it is not an easy thing to make lip piercings.

You can never escape from piercings after they once.

It will remain permanently on your face. If you still prefer to make lip piercings, some of the steps to be followed are:

Step 1: Piercing the jewelry, to avoid rubbing the gums and teeth, lip point will come both from outside and inside, you must sterilize and mark exactly. In this manner, it prevents damage to the nerves.

Step 2: Piercing person will apply, to determine the size of the insert, your lips will calculate the thickness.

Piercing expert, it is needed for the lips to swell your first selects a larger team. After the healing process is complete, you can change your jewelry.

Step 3: Piercing points marked and thickness of your lips after treatment is started after measured. A surgical clamp to your lips to take control of the soft tissue (pence) is placed.

This leaves your gums and lips are forceps to your lips pierced with surgical needle. Then placed engage the hole.

After the piercing process, follow the instructions and you said maintenance operation.

There are some risks associated with lip piercings. After the piercing process redness, swelling, tenderness may be crusting and bleeding. Moreover inflammation in the wound can occur.

Lip jewelry, when rubbed on the gums and teeth, the enamel of your teeth can wear out. This can make the teeth susceptible to decay. Sometimes great charms can break your teeth. Injury of soft tissue of the gums can cause gum infections.

Lip drilling applied anywhere around the mouth. Lip piercings have different popular types depending on the regions.

These labret vertical labret, horizontal labret piercings, "spider bites", "angel bites," "snake bites", "scorpion bites" and "dog bites" piercings in the form of Medusa piercings (upper piercings inserted in the middle of the lips) and Monroe / Madonna piercings (upper lip piercings hand attached).

Also, depending on the type of lip piercings, rings etc. located in various jewelry models.
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