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Transformers Arena is an addictive incremental RPG clicker game. You are really a part of Autobots battle to defeat Decepticon and control the way to fight with Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Bulk Head, Magnus, Megatron ...

If you like Idle gameplay then this is a kind of versus idle game with a little strategy games and action game with a lot of cool graphic skills and weapon. Be a part of game as Role-Playing game, you almost be a hero in game who joining the battle with Tramsformar in Autobots team.

A lot of power in game you need to control and use them, the universal cube power with click-to-fight action, the transformers weapon to upgrade with gold, gems, power, health ... More intelligent strategy you do, more power and heroes you can get to your team.


- Idle gameplay RPG Clicker Heroes
- Nice game graphics and Addictive gameplay
- Cool character hero design and transformers skills
- Nice and strong weapon
- Support all of Autobots, Concepticon, Maximals ...
- Unlimited upgradable system
- Easy to share and play with friends
- Can play offline without internet access

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