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Enjoy yet another Malaysian traditional board game 'Dam Kapit' on your Android devices !

Play against Android (beginner, intermediate or expert) or against your friends using a same device.

Dam Kapit is normally played on the same board as Checkers (can be 8x8, 10x10 or more) but the starting position is more similar to Chess. The game rules are simple. Each piece can only move horizontally or vertically, forward or backward in any number of empty squares, but it cannot jump over the opponent's pieces (similar to Rook's (castle) movements in Chess). The objective is to capture all opponent's pieces or to force the opponent to have no more legal moves just like in Checkers. A player can capture the opponent's pieces by creating a 'kapit' position. A 'kapit' position can be formed either by making the opponent's piece(s) trapped in between the player's pieces or by putting the player's piece(s) in between the opponent's pieces. The player can make more than one 'kapit' position in a single move if possible.

Watch the video below to get more ideas on "how to play Dam Kapit ?" !

Thanks & Enjoy the Game !

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