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Welcome to "Slomo - Slow Motion Video"!

An application for making slow motion or fast motion videos.

"Slomo - Slow Motion Video", as implied by name, is a free android app that facilitates its users to speed up video of their choice as well as the app allows its users to slow down videos as well.

If you have found a video too fast or too slow in its pace, this utility app will help you to modulate the fast motion or the slow motion video at a regulated speed of your choice.

There is neither any complexity in using the app nor users’ needs any special video editing skill.

The entire motion control process will get done in 5 easy steps:
Click on “start”,

Select a video,

Select if the modified video will be with or without sound,

Choose the modified speed level of the video selected,

Select the section of the video where you want speed up /slowdown of speed.

Once a video is creatively modified, you can check the folder “ChangeVideoSpeed” and watch them as many times you want.

Apps features:
The app "Slomo - Slow Motion Video" is easy to use and is designed with plenty of integrated features to use the app as a creative pleasure:

Simple to understand user interface,
You can eliminate sound from a video
On discretion, you can fast or slow video keeping integrated sound as it is,
When the video will get created you will hear a distinct alert of a drum sound: the new modified video will be available for access at change “ChangeVideoSpeed” folder.

By default a target video will get 50% boost/reduce of its speed.

Download the free app "Slomo - Slow Motion Video" and keep on changing video speed according to your need.

Besides utility, it will be a creative fun for your video management on your android device at your easy access of fingertips.

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