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What's New (v1.1)
* New feature is the ability to swipe between tabs
* Fixed error message logic when restoring backup
* Updated translations

What's New (v1.0.4)
* Updated translations

What's New (v1.0.3)
* Fixed menu not showing storage location option
* Added support for 41 different languages listed below
Some languages are more complete then others
They will be updated somewhere in the near future

What's New (v1.0.2)
* New settings menu to choose storage location

What's New (v1.0.1)
• Fixed restoring settings for lock screen widgets
• New back up categories for even more settings

> Notification lights
> Battery lights
> Display settings
> Animation controls
> Keyboard settings
> Auto brightness
> Phone blacklist
> Increasing ring
> Power notifications
> Quiet hours

This app allows you to backup all the custom settings in LiquidSmooth Kitkat ROM. It allows you backup or restore all settings or certain individual categories. Stores settings onto your SD card or internal storage. Other categories will be added in the near future. Categories that can saved individually are listed below...

> Power menu
> Recent panel
> Shake events
> Lock screen
> Lock screen buttons
> Lock screen interface
> Lock screen style
> Lock screen widgets
> App circle sidebar
> Gesture anywhere
> Hardware keys
> Slim PIE control
> Slim PIE control buttons
> Slim PIE control style
> Paranoid PIE control
> Paranoid PIE control style
> Navigation bar
> Navigation bar buttons
> Navigation bar dimensions
> Navigation bar visibility
> Active display
> Halo options
> Heads up settings
> Hover settings
> Lock screen notifications
> Notification peek
> Notification drawer advanced
> Notification drawer general
> Notification drawer reminder
> Notification quick settings
> Status bar advanced
> Status bar battery
> Status bar clock
> Status bar traffic

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