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★★★ Simple Photo Paper live wallpaper ★★★

Simple Photo Paper (Beta) with Tablet support is a Live Wallpaper that provides you with the basics of displaying your much treasured photos from family & love ones to sporty & scenic images as a slide show direct to your home screen.


Once you have started the app you will then be presented with four options:-

‣Gallery :-
TO launch your native gallery application, allowing you to select images you want to share with Simple Photo Paper (Beta)

‣Select Folders :-
Simple click the image icon then begin selecting your photos

‣Change Wallpaper :-
Allows you to select “Simple Photo Paper (Beta)” from your list of Live Wallpapers

‣Edit Setting :-
Allows you to set your "root folder" from within camera Directory, change "Transition type" , choose your "change intervals" and "crop settings"

✽Selecting Gallery Images:-

1) Launch the Gallery app
2)select a single or multiple image by your device supported method below are some examples:-

A--press and hold on each image then select share and choose “Simple Photo Paper (Beta)” from the options
b--press the menu button then choose multiple select options, select one or more images, then select share and choose “Simple Photo Paper (Beta)” from the options.
c--select the share options and choose “Simple Photo Paper (Beta)” then select one or more images then commit your selection by your device supported method. i.e. click [finish] or [done].

These selected gallery images are shown by clicking the last entry on "select folder screen".

✽Updated UI:-

Brings the fresh look of Ice Cream Sandwich to pre-Android 4.0 devices.
Now use ActionBar buttons :-
“Gallery“ Launch the Gallery
"✔"[tick] icon Select All Images
"✗"[Cross] icon Delete All Images
"‹"+Application icon now function as a button to take you up a level within the application
More room for your photos due to removal of old style buttons


If images are missing when you select the folder options ensure that you do have photos in camera directory typically this would be as follows:- “/mnt/sdcard/DCIM/camera”

You could also set Live Wallpaer by one of the following :-

TO OPEN: Home->Menu->Wallpapers->Live Wallpapers
CHOOSE: Simple Live Wallpaper


Press and hold an empty space on the home screen-> Wallpaper->Live Wallpaper

!!! This is a Beta app so improvements will come over the next few weeks or so, feel free to send comments !!!

Reveal type transitions fix
new Transitions
Multiple selection of Transition (restricted in Free version)
fixed change interval bug
orientation changes now supported (rotating your device)

Blank screen bug fix,
adjusted for animation issues on some Samsung devices (e.g. S2)

Improve pan option and eliminate shimmering bug
Increased slide speed transitions
Fixed inaccurate time intervals and added more interval options
Fixed image excessively displaying too large or too small

add gallery option on main page
new icon for change image and gallery icons
fix crash when empty selecting an empty folder

new cropping options, ensuring more of your images are viewable

Added multiple root folders in settings
Bug fixes.

additional workaround for HTC and other devices whereby the stock gallery app does not work are prompted to download an alternative
we recommend QuickPic by

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confirmed compatibility:-
Galaxy range of phones; ace,S, S2, S3, Note, Y...
recommended for nexus 4

★★★ Simple Photo Paper live wallpaper ★★★

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