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In the game you have to play the role of a former soldier of special purpose, which was injured, and now he was sent to work in one of the buildings of the CIA. In the first day, something went wrong...
Our team has devoted a lot of time on artificial intelligence in the game. Opponents in the game are able to hide, to snipe, to act tactfully. If you think that you can just sit in cover and shoot everyone, you are mistaken.
Special attention is given music of the game. More than 10 atmospheric tracks that will immerse you in the game and make you care,to empathize with the main character
After the release of our games, we for a very long time supported them. First update to fix bugs/errors, optimization. After that we begin to add new features,items,levels, etc.
All our updates are completely free

- No extra charge!
- Lots of well designed levels
- Easy management
- Modern graphics
- Excellent optimization
- Atmospheric music
- Intriguing storyline

P. s
Thank you for buying our game.
If something was not so, do not rush to throw bad reviews with two or even four stars.
Write to us - we'll look into it and help to rectify the situation.
The game is only recently released, and sometimes not everything goes smoothly, but every day our team works to address the shortcomings. Tell them about the support and we will consider and fix it.

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