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Protect your online privacy with the best VPN service on earth. LiquidVPN is an innovative VPN service that encrypts your data and secures your connection by tunneling your data through the internet and out one of our highly secured privacy enhanced VPN servers. Visit to sign up for VPN service.

LiquidVPN takes your online privacy and security seriously. When enabled and connected to our network a LiquidVPN account will:

Hide Your IP Address
Stop websites and ISP's from tracking your browsing habits and Internet activity by routing everything through our privacy enhanced servers.

Encrypt Your Data
Prevent 3rd parties from capturing any insecure and unencrypted data your device may be transmitting and secure otherwise insecure public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Bypass Censorship and Unblock Websites
Access your favorite geofenced websites regardless of your physical location. Never miss your favorite shows while traveling abroad. With nine countries to choose from, you are never far away from secure and encrypted internet access.

LiquidVPN for Android provides LiquidVPN users with a familiar user interface. Many of LiquidVPN's great desktop features are available on Android.

Save your VPN credentials for ease of access.
Auto Connect to a VPN on boot.
Select your preferred VPN topology. Get more info on VPN Topologies.
Check VPN network latency to find the best connection.
Choose between UDP or TCP connections.
Automatically find the best Port to connect too.

LiquidVPN is available at

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