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Fingerprint Door Lock Prank is prank Application. Developed just for fun purpose. This fingerprint lock Prank is free application and will work as a fingerprint(prank) screen lock. This is awesome screen lock application. you can make fun with friends. Of course, your phone can't work as biometric machine or scanner. it's merely responds to the bit and begins scan counts. The trick is that you just hold your finger on screen till specific scan count then application can enable your access to the phone otherwise access denied you cannot access the phone.

Features of this Screen Lock:
1 :Realistic fingerprint(prank) scanning animation.
2: Hd Graphics
3: Can be set as a screen locker.
4: Display digital date and time.
5: Awesome sound effects.
6: Fingerprint Door Lock Prank Works off line also.
7: Incredible sound effects
8: Simulates a real screen lock without password.
9: Easy to Use.

How to it Works?

1: Download and Install this Fingerprint door lock
2: Got to Unlock Screen Place your finger on the thumb scanner

Fingerprint Door Lock is prank application, it does not scan your fingerprint, but its a trick application it will match the count value saved in settings and unlock the screen. Android phones don't have this ability to scan a finger yet and we could not use phones as biometric fingerprint scanner for now.This fingerprint door lock is not for security purpose. It tricky application and you can secure phone by using this trick.Fingerprint Door Lock Prank is prank Application and developed just for fun.

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