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Dear App Users,

Welcome to this exclusive mobile-based self-learning experience!

This app is part of the unique assisted learning methodology that ENGRAJI TO ENGLISH follows. This methodology has three elements - concept, activity, and practice. Concepts and activities are taught by your teacher using the ENGRAJI TO ENGLISH software in your school, college or the vocational center. This app helps you reinforce those learning through practice exercises. You will find the exercises effective and enjoyable and will significantly add to the benefit of the learning programme that you have enrolled for.

You will need a valid course code and a license key to use this app. Your teacher would have provided these to you. If you have not received it, please contact your teacher or the administrator in your institute.

If you have any questions, do write to us at cetoeepl@gmail.com.

Some of the highlights of the App which the learner may use:

Self-Learning Concept Videos

 understand the concepts through scenarios

 audio/visual aids various learning styles

Quiz Questions

 stimulate the learner’s knowledge and curiosity through simple to complex Multiple Choice Questions

 expand knowledge base while learning subtly Vocabulary Enhancement

 know meaning and pronunciation of skill-related words

 an exceptional opportunity to record your voices and compare with pre-recorded expert voice

 enhance pronunciation and build up confidence

Role Play

 observe and analyze concepts

 enact activities and review those

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