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Prepare yourself for a...bloody adventure! Horror House is a game for Android devices which is about the story of the young Wef Reaf and it does it through the pages of a book. One game level corresponds to each page, and these levels will take the user, page to page, to the deserved ending.
The protagonists of the adventure are stickmen (stickmen are stylized men typical of games of this kind, where it is wanted to downplay violence), men or women that will be literally sliced, slaughtered, dismembered, drown, eaten, squashed, fleeced and many other kinds of macabre deaths.
This Horror Game is not an action game, but a game of reasoning where each move can lay your poor stickmen on the line; it could be considered a turn based game, where our friends will have to survive against the dangers of the many rooms of the cursed house and we have to help them to find their way out.
The story of Horror House is told completely in English or Italian, well thought and structured, with various maps, always different and they pose different approaches in order to be solved. Twists and blood won't be missing and you will be amusing when seeing in how many macabre ways your poor stickmen can die.
Once finished the game you will receive as a prize the possibility of playing numberless maps generated at that moment by your device, in which we can set the parameters of the game. In these new maps it also will be possible to play at the "last survival" mode, in which the winning team will be that with the last survival left.
We reassure the user and/or the parents of the costumers of Horror House that violence contained in the game has been conveniently downplayed in order to adapt it to minors: 12 years of age are more than adequate.
This is the free version of Horror House, which differs from the fee for the presence of advertising and the least amount of scenes mortals.

Let's resume the details of the game:

- Story told from the book all in English e Italiano
- Horror Game-sort
- Different kinds of macabre death scenes,different also for gender
- Approach to the game with different methods of reasoning.
- Virtually endless game
- Entangling
- Free

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