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In Short:
- A intuitive, easy to use "Shopping List Calculator".
- Save shopping lists for future use, compare prices that were a year ago.
- All fields are optional, so you can quickly fill up a few prices for your shopped items and get going.
- Create a Shopping List of "to buy" things before leaving your home and fill up the prices as you buy.
- One screen entry point for everything in the shopping list
- Calculates the total price and amount as soon as you enter them (run time calculation)

Well, finally here is an shopping calculator app you wont have to "learn" to use.

When you are in the store buying things, you don't have time to go through all the procedures of a "feature rich" application just to calculate how much you have spent. Doesn't it make you wish you had a pencil and paper instead and still not look like a grandpa?

This calculator is as simple as it gets - just note down the items you have bought, their price, rate and you are done - and not even necessarily all of them!!
This app is designed to make your life easier, not complicated.It's intuitive, easy to use and quick - just what you need when you are busy buying.

Oh yes, just because its simple doesn't mean it doesn't have features. It does have options to save lists for future reference and all.

I wrote this app keeping usability in mind so although it is designed for shopping, you can use this app anywhere you need to make a list.

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