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This app is intended to inform the alarm taking medicine , to prevent miss a dose .
And , it allows you to send mail when you drink your medicine , do a safety check .
Further , history to prevent miss a dose was also attached .
Attach to target mostly elderly , we have to be able to easily use even if there is no explanation by the design which it is easy to understand .

- Record is updated every day at midnight.

~ Notes of the use~
The volume of the alarm , please adjust the volume of the media .
Notification volume is independent of the volume control of the alarm .
Also , when I turn off the volume of the media , the sound of the alarm does not sound .
The alarm does not sound manner mode , please use it to cancel the Manner mode .

Function of the transition to the mail sending screen when you press the button that you drank ,
You can use it after you have completed the configuration of e-mail transmission .

How to use this application
1: From the "Time Settings" , you can set the time to sound the alarm .
2: From " e-mail settings " , and whether or not to send the e-mail , setting the destination , and the change the subject and body .
3: Select dialog will come out when it comes to time , and to notify again after 5 minutes , you can take right now .
If you select " 5 minutes " , to notify again after 5 minutes .
When you set the alarm stops when you select " drank " , and send an email to transition to the e-mail screen .
I can be changed from the menu button the time until the snooze mode and automatically time until automatic stop the alarm : 4 .

~ Others ~
This app was third in the "APURI KOSHIEN 2013 " .

~ Reference website ~
・" OKUSURINO ZIKAN (android) " home page

・ " OKUSURINO ZIKAN (android) " Introduction blog

・Apps Koshien tournament report

(Note) I've used Google Translate in many parts in this translation.

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