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Checkers is one of the most well-known and popular games there is. Because the game originated over 1,000 years ago, this also makes it one of the oldest games on earth. A true classic!

After so many centuries of being played around the globe, it is no wonder that the game is available in numerous versions. The most popular variations are certainly "American Checkers" or "English Draughts" and "International Draughts" or "Dame 100".

Our checkers game has them all, and to top it all off, we also included "Suicide Checkers". Furthermore, the rules menu lets you customize practically every single rule, allowing almost every known (and unknown) set of rules to be implemented.

In addition to the rules, Checkrs also allows practically everything else to be customized to suit your preferences. Options range from the basic design to the display of possible moves and the color of the pieces.

Despite the detailed configuration options, the app is surprisingly intuitive, and thanks to the configurable difficulty level (can also be set automatically), it is suitable for beginners and expert checker players alike.

- Intuitive interface
- 6 predefined checkers games
- Completely customizable
- Single-player and 2-player mode (local)
- Configurable or automatic difficulty
- 4 stunning designs
- Portrait and landscape modes
- Optional timer
- Optimized for phones and tables
- Completely free (no in-app purchases)

Draughts is available in the following languages in high-quality localized versions: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Polish, Russian, and Arabic.

Have fun with this app!

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