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"Little mobi droids need help. They are lost inside Box Forest at planet LITE. Please assist them to get back by clearing the obstacles."

Box Forest featuring 32 unique stages. With OpenFeint, you can unlock achievements and compare your scores for each stage with friends and others.

This game occupies full screen for devices with aspect ratio 0.6 (480x800) or 0.667 (240x360, 480x720). For other different aspect ratio, either full height or full width will be utilized.

Box Forest is a simple game, almost no instructions are required but here are some tips for gamers who want to know more about the game.
* First of all, the game objective is to make all green droids come to left bottom around where the player (silver droid) begins. Each stage has 2-3 green droids.
* To trigger the player: touch on the player and move, a dotted line will indicate the projectile path, and then release.
* If the device supports multi-touch, gamers can pinch zoom in and out.
* Single touch zoom control is at center right, zoom in: press and move up; zoom out: press and move down.
* Each stage has maximum 10 attempts. If after the 10th turn and the stage cannot be cleared within 10 seconds countdown then is Game Over.
* The game world is having a small leftward gravity. As a result, objects will tend to incline to left and cycle objects may roll to left.
* When player contacts with green droids, green droid will gain an upward impulse.
* When player shows small chat box "...", means the turn can be ended by tapping once.
* If electric icon at bottom right appeared, player movement can be amplified for one time by tapping once.
* Player can penetrate through semi transparent platform, blue water block, and bubble. Only boxes with face is destructible.

Wish you enjoy this game!

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