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Crazy Dot Catch - Spinning Dot

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Catch the Crazy Spinning Dot

Crazydot is an arcade Game that's so simple to play yet hard to master.

Crazy dot can be addictive if you try to beat the highscore of 38.
This game is going to test your brain reflexes and it will help you to improve your focus.
I bet you can't even beat 15 in this game.

Once the dot starts spinning you have to try to catch it when it crosses the line.
Just by tapping your screen.

It sounds easy but it is not.
Try it now and you keep playing and challenging your friends.

: : CHALLENGE - Beat Score 15 : :

Check your highscore against other players.
The best score is 38!

Be careful not to become addicted.

How to play?
Tap the circle to catch the spinning dot.
Optimized for Phone and 10 inch Tablet

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