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As an Android user, you have all the equipment you need to record top quality sound. This App makes producing audiobooks really easy. Lines are displayed one at a time and your voice is captured line by line. With practice most of your spoken lines will be great first time. Rework is done line by line. The App automatically edits together your finished lines. So production could not be simpler.

Litphonix crowd sources audiobooks from you and many others narrating lines with this App. Every completed chapter is published and pays you performance fees every time a customer chooses to listen to your words. For popular narrators this can turn into substantial ongoing income.


Choose from a whole host of narrators; male, female, old, young, anyone you like! It's easy to switch between narrators whenever you like.

Choose from a wide selection of classic books to listen to or narrate. Litphonix has all your favourite classical authors and novels ready to be listened to, with more being added all the time.

The first chapter is always free. After chapter one you only ever pay for words you have listened to. Buy your Litcoins inside the App. Each Litcoin buys 10,000 words, more than an hour of listening. You can change books or narrators at any time. You only spend your Litcoins line by line so there is no commitment to buying a whole book from one narrator in advance.


• Choose from hundreds of classic books for narrating or listening.
• Anyone can record an audiobook using their Android device.
• No editing program nor recording studio necessary.
• No experience necessary, just a lovely voice.
• Includes chapter navigation, bookmarking, sleep mode.
• Multitasking for background downloading and listening.
• Includes images as well as audio.
• Switch between Listen and Narrate modes seamlessly.
• Free to try chapter one from all audiobooks and narrators.

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