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?A real-time sports competition with users all over the world!
?All the games that recorded 15000000 downloads all over the world are combined into one!
?The #1 game in 50 countries!

Archery: Draw your bow after calculating the wind from the left and right.
Hurdle: Quickly jump over the obstacles that rapidly appear.
Clay shooting: Accurately shoot the clay pigeons that come from both sides.
Basketball: Draw a parabola and quickly shoot the ball in the ring.
Alpine Ski: last updated game!

The Sports World Cup game, which combines every sport in one game, has been released.? .
Anyone can easily start the game with the one-touch control.?
If you have strong concentration, quick reflexes, and the passion to win, you will enjoy this game!

You must earn a high score within a set time period in all games.?
If you enter Rainbow Mode, you can increase your score infinitely while time is stopped.

Compete with users all over the world in real time to gain medals.?
The score you receive will be added to the country score, and will increase your country score rank.

In challenge mode, the #1 player in the world is chosen after 4 games are played at once and the scores are totaled.? If you are a true fan, try challenge mode. By linking to Facebook, you can share items with friends and compete with them.

This is not the end.?Wait for the next update.?A new sports game will be added.

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