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You just burn EVERYTHING! You have a FLAMETHROWER that shoots both fire and water. Just walk around and burn to your hearts content. Everything on the maps are flammable! Destroy Everything and hit the restart button and burn them again!

- Completely flammable maps
- 3 maps (Including a Christmas themed Map)
- No objectives just endless burning!
- More Maps and Possibly more Weapons to come!!!

Special Thanks:

DST - Music. be sure to check him out here! http://www.nosoapradio.us/

DansGameTools - The best porting tool for Unity 3D. check it out! http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/203823-Control-Freak-The-Ultimate-Virtual-Controller-for-Unity-Mobile

And to Jesus Christ, My Lord and Savoir. Without him, none of this is possible.

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